Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a crucial part of the chores of the house. Each household cleans the windows, at unique times daily and on alternating days. Regardless of how often you clean the windows of your house, it is crucial to note that different types and kinds of windows in the house or the car necessitate different cleaning patterns. Therefore, if you have the intentions of cleaning glass windows, the answer or solution will be different the one available for tinted or vinyl windows. Therefore, it is crucial to know how ways of undertaking this task safely and properly. Below is a step by step instruction on the ways of cleaning different types of windows.


How to Clean Windows that is made of Glass

Glass windows are the commonest types of windows which are used in both traditional and modern buildings as well as vehicles. However, since they are manufactured from glass, you need to take care because rough handling and cleaning will give the windows unwanted marks and scratches that need to be avoided. Therefore, to clean your glass windows, you can decide to choose among the existing commercial agents of cleaning marked for this particular purpose.

You may also choose to manufacture your windows cleaner also. This will in turn save you the money you would spend on costly materials. You will require rubbing alcohol, ammonia, warm water, dish soap, and vinegar. You can make another solution for cleaning from water, ammonia, and corn starch to clean the window. Select a solution that is available for you and clean the glass windows with a soft cloth or soft sponge to make sure that no scratches remain on the glass surface.


Techniques of Clean Vinyl Windows

In case you are living in a house that has vinyl glass, you will have to be extremely careful. Glass made of vinyl is extremely convenient for your modern house due to their quality of replacement and ability to be eliminated completely for purposes of cleaning. Nevertheless, the cleaning process of vinyl glass is more complicated as compared to normal glass windows. The reason behind this is that glass windows are less resistant to scratches and therefore, tricky to deal with. You need to get yourself some detergent or dish soap, vinegar, or murphy’s oil soap to do cleaning for your windows. Murphy’s oil soap is perfect here because it is helpful in eliminating water spots that usually come from the windows. Therefore, clean your vinyl windows with the help of these ingredients and remember to use a cloth that is soft.


Cleaning Tinted Windows

Windows that are tinted in the office or car also require specialized cleaning, especially for purposes of retaining the tint in the glass. You need to be sure that you are not using ammonia or soaps that have ammonia since they are extremely strong for the tinted windows and can end up destroying you tint to some extent with elongated use. Therefore, use a soap that is mild to clean windows that are tinted and get windows that are spectacularly clean.


Use a strong solution to clean your windows

After rinsing your windows with a solution that is mild, time comes when you have to employ something that is a bit stronger. You can employ a solution for commercial window cleaning that is made for glasses or you can choose to try something that is made from home. One of the most common cleaning solutions for the window involves two cups of water, ½ teaspoon of soap, and ¼ cup of vinegar. Place the solution in the spray bottle and apply it to the windows. Clean your solution with a soft paper towel, squeegee, or cloth. You can employ PBN to handle this task for you if your solutions are not working.